Relax and Unwind 
With One Of Our

Bodies Unleashed Fitness and Day Spa is excited to announce that we are now offering massages!


We specialize in Full Body, Swedish, Relaxation, Hot Stone Massage, and Couples Massage Services. Whether you are looking to loosen up after an intense workout or you just need some self love, we are here to cater to you!

Pair a massage with one of our Premier Facials for added bliss! Call Us Today to discuss the best options for you!

Preparing For Your Visit:

Stay Hydrated

Being well hydrated prior to your massage is critical to assist in eliminating toxins that are released into the body during your session. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, or any other stimulants prior to your massage.

Take A Hot Shower

A massage is a hands-on service in which your provider has direct contact with your skin, so making sure you are clean prior to arrival is necessary. As an added benefit, a hot shower will allow your muscles to loosen up prior to your massage, which will make your experience much more enjoyable.

Eat Light

It is preferable to eat at least one hour prior to your massage. Although it is not bothersome to your provider, it can be disruptive for you to hear a noisy stomach during your massage.

Communicate your needs

It is very important to fill out all paperwork accurately prior to your visit so your provider can be aware of your preferences, needs, contradictions, expectations, etc. It is also important to communicate verbally during your session if there are any adjustments that need to be made or any specific areas you would like us to pay special attention to or avoid all together.


Recommendations After Your Visit:

Our ultimate recommendation post massage is to indulge in complete relaxation. These are a few things we recommend after a massage session at Bodies Unleashed Fitness and Day Spa:

Drink Water

Massages increase blood flow and circulation to areas that have previously been nutrient deprived and blocked by contracting lactic acid and metabolic waste, which are the creators of knots and pain in the body. During a massage, we are kneading muscles and pumping fluid out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system. The waste is then filtered through your kidneys. Water helps flush these toxins out of your system


To prolong the benefits of your massage, we recommend stretching after your session to aid in recovery.


It is always recommended to rest after experiencing one of our massages at Bodies Unleashed Fitness and Day Spa. Listen to your body. Welcome any emotions. Prolong your sense of deep relaxation as long as possible after your session. We aim to provide the best service possible and that shouldn't stop once your session is completed.


30 Minute

Relax and Unwind with a 30 Minute Express Relaxation or Swedish Massage.

Sale Price:


Pouring Massage Oil

60 Minute Couples Massage

A  full hour of relaxation for two! Choose between a Full Body Swedish, Relaxation, or Hot Stone Massage. 


Sale Price:


Head Massage

Elite Couples
Facial/Massage Combo

This relaxation package includes everything in our Premier Package, but adds an extra 30 minutes to your experience allowing you more time with that special someone!

Sale Price:


Palm Massage

Facial/Massage Combo

Step it up a notch from our Premier Combo Package by upgrading your facial to a select Premium Facial options and adding even more time with one of our relaxing full body massages! 


Sale Price:


Back Massage

60 Minute

Kick things up a notch with a full hour of relaxation. Hot stones are included per request!


Sale Price:


Couples Massage

90 Minute Couples Massage

90 Minutes of ultimate relaxation for two! Choose between a Full Body Swedish, Relaxation, or Hot Stone Massage. 


Sale Price:


Face Massage

Facial/Massage Combo

Start with a Swedish, Relaxation, or Hot Stone Massage. Then add to the experience with one of our custom facials.


Sale Price:


Back Massage

90 Minute

Indulge in an hour and a half of bliss with a full body massage that includes hands and feet. Hot stones are also included upon request.

Sale Price:


Relaxing Massage

Premier Couples
Facial/Massage Combo

Start with a Swedish, Relaxation, or Hot Stone Massage with your special someone. Then experience bliss with one of our custom facials.

Sale Price:


Head Massage

Facial/Massage Combo

Everything our Basic Combo Package includes, but an extra 30 minutes of Pure Relaxation that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed!


Sale Price: