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What Facials Do You Offer At Bodies Unleashed?

Bodies Unleashed Fitness and Day Spa offers a wide selection of customized facials. We pride ourselves in delivering results catered to any of your skin care needs. 

Relaxation Facials:

  • Express 30 Minute Facial 

  • Premier 60 Minute Facial

  • Elite 90 Minute Facial

Premium Facials:

  • Venus Legacy Facial

  • Microcurrent Facial

  • Elastin Infusion Facial

  • Vitamin C Infusion Facial

  • Hydrodermabrasion Facial

  • Oxygen Infusion Facial

  • Dermaplaning Services

  • Chemical Peels 

  • Booty "Facials"

What Facial Is Best For Me?

Bodies Unleashed Fitness and Day Spa strives to give you a customized experience with every service we offer and picking the perfect facial is no exception to that rule. We work alongside every client to address any skincare concerns and desired goals prior to starting your service. Whether you are focused on targeting acne and blemishes or hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, we have a facial for you that will leave you glowing!

How Often Should I Schedule A Facial?

Each facial has its own recommendations and guidelines for how often you should schedule.


During your visit, your provider will help create a custom plan to help you look and feel your best! If multiple skin concerns are present, we will often recommend specific combinations of services.


Preparing For Your Visit:

We always recommend coming to your visit with your face clear of any makeup or facial products. Allow at least 2 weeks between any Botox or Filler before scheduling any of our relaxation facials. When scheduling one of our Premium Facials, please allow at least 2 weeks after Botox and 4 weeks after Filler before coming in for your appointment. If you have recently undergone any esthetic treatment, please notify your provider immediately to check for contradiction. 

Recommendations After Your Visit:

Each facial is unique and will have it's own recommendations for aftercare. Your provider will go over these prior to completing your service. It is always advised to stay hydrated and out of the sun immediately following a facial.


Express Facial

30 Minutes

Gentle Cleanse, Deep Exfoliation, Facial Massage, and Correction Mask.

Sale Price:



Premier Facial

60 Minutes

Starting from décolleté, Gentle Cleanse, Deep Exfoliation, Exfoliation Mask, Facial Massage, and Correction Mask.


Sale Price:



Elite Facial

90 Minutes

Starting from décolleté,Gentle Cleanse, Deep Exfoliation, Exfoliation Mask, Facial Massage with Hand and Foot Massage (optional), and custom Correction Mask.

Sale Price:


Getting a Facial

Venus Legacy

Face and Neck

Iron out wrinkles and tighten skin on the face and neck using RF and PEMF technology to increase collagen production.

Sale Price:


Professional Facial

Infusion Facial

With Microcurrent Facial

Manually infuse elastin back into the skin. Each facial replaces elastin lost over an average of 2 years.

Sale Price:


Beauty Treatment


Add to Any Facial for Best results

Gently remove dead skin cells and hair from the face with an exfoliating blade, smoothing the skins surface and leaving your skin glowing.

Sale Price:


Facial Treatment


Non Invasive Face Lift

Visibly lift and tone muscles in the face and neck.

Sale Price:


Facial Treatment

Vitamin C 
Infusion Facial

With Microcurrent Facial

Reverse hyperpigmentation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and clarify to brighten complexion. 

Sale Price:


Facial Treatment

Chemical Peel

Add Dermaplaning for best results

Professional salicylic lactic citric + LSS delivery peel unlikely other cosmetic acid formula in the industry! Great for hyperpigmentation and restoring vitality to the skin.

Sale Price:



Hydra Facial


Gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin of impurities. Add custom serums to battle various skin concerns.

Sale Price:


Asian woman getting a facial treatment at a spa

Infusion Facial

Add Dermaplaning for Best Results

Turn dull, lifeless skin into vibrant, healthy skin with our oxygen skincare serums.

Sale Price:


Back View of Woman in Bikini

Booty Facial

The Ultimate Buttocks Enhancement

Begin with our Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift. Then gently cleanse and exfoliate the area, apply a masque to address skin concerns, and end with a customized cocktail of serums.

Sale Price:


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